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Working less-Working smartly in your precious Life


We are always told to work hard to achieve something as working hard is the key to success. But working hard is not always the key to success.

It sometimes even leads to failure at times. On the other hand, working smartly is always the key to success. Here we are with the principle of working less and smartly in life.

We all have played chess at least once or twice in our life. The appreciation factor of the game is that it works on the principle of smart work. You don’t need to work hard to win the game.

Your mind is the major factor that determines your win. Similarly in your life, you get 2 chances to work hard and perform the task simply. Or working less, and efficiently in a new and innovative way. 

Being productive is fantastic. It’s indeed. But there are times when we are so focused on products that we turn out to be, unproductive as well.

It is simple to learn a bunch about becoming more successful, but keep in mind that you’ll have to patch things up.

How to become more productive by working smartly? 

Everyone desires to be productive by working less and smartly in life.

But the main question here is that How?

People working “smartly,” however, recognize the importance of pausing when it comes to generating the “ability to express, organize, and invent.” Smart work means balancing efficiency with a healthy regard for relaxation and recreation. For an instance let’s say you are working for hours without consuming your meal. This will directly affect your health.

Poor health means the lesser capacity to work and think, which will directly affect the productivity of your work.

Instead of wasting your time on silly things such as interfering in other colleagues’ work systems, make that time useful. Maybe you can take a rest which will boost up your mind or go for a walk for relaxation or even you can listen to some music.

Working regularly creates pressure on your mind which may reduce your thinking capacity, resulting in less productive activities and work. Don’t overburden yourself.

Doing multiple things at the same time may confuse and things may go wrong. Try doing one task at one time. This will save you time and you will be able to focus on a single thing at a time.

There is much software that regulates your work efficiently. Search for them and bring them to use. Working smartly means setting up plans. It will be great if you create a diary and pen down your plans for the coming week, month, or even year to help you to stay focused.

Staying focus means you will work with your rules and regulations and will bring out the best to achieve your desired goals. This creates a habit and you learn how to work smartly in your life. Search for pointers that will help you in smart work. 

Given below are some basic rules that will help you to work smartly in your life:-

1. Set Boundaries

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Individuals don’t have to completely abandon efficiency even when you’re addicted to that though. Rather, you should set some limits.

You can find several excellent productivity audiobooks available, for instance. However, it also does not imply that you should hear them out in a single day.

Throughout your drive, you might perhaps listen to about one or more episodes. And it’d be the single chance to have your efficiency fixed all through the day.

2. Saying ‘no’ frequently will help you work wiser.

no, wrong

You develop faster by saying no quite often once you’re able to set goals as well as the outcomes you’re greatest at providing.

Instead of putting more effort and building a large task list, commence working smartly by making several kinds of stuff that you must accomplish alone. One may get better outcomes in much less period if you use potential.

For most people, dealing with everyday life, lifestyle change & habits play a major role in their work ethics and productivity throughout the day and for working years.

People spend more time doing tasks that aren’t necessary and which they aren’t very skilled at. You get additional time, consider delegating some tasks. Use your abilities to do something productive rather than wasting time on a single thing.

3. Prepare ahead of time.

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Working smarter, rather than working harder, is simpler with daily / weekly preparation. Developing an efficient nighttime routine allows you to determine your top goals for the next day while also saving time.

When you plan your day, the previous night enhances your attention and gives you the way by which you can make the best out of your time. One can effortlessly be financially free if he/she knows to use time and think of the future simultaneously.

As you know the priorities. If your goals for every day are clear, you work smartly. This not only saves your time but also boosts your confidence and personality. 

4.  Meditation before going to work always helps. 

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A few minutes of meditation can make your hours relaxing. Mornings might be challenging but emptying your thoughts initial thing every morning to make your day productive.

Meditation, not just only improves your attention and boosts your emotions, other than that it also helps you deal with anxiety and worry. What’s your favorite aspect?

The advantages of mindfulness don’t stop once the practice is over; rather it keeps you motivated all day.

5. Take breaks in between.

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Scheduling breaks is as important as your work is. Fix the time in your routine so that you take minutes for yourself out of a long hectic schedule.

This helps you to relax and you get to understand things more wisely. Utilize this time by checking your feed, messages or playing games, etc.

Don’t go beyond the time you have set for a break. Even if you waste a single minute it can ruin your further schedule. 

6. Create habits that will allow you to quit working.

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This one may sound surprising at first, but I believe it has a lot of potentials. Few people have more difficulty ending something than starting it.

It’s all too tempting to continue pushing for yet another while or even to pull your desktop once you have your dinner and keep working for long hours or late at night.

There are some other things you can do to assist yourselves unplug when you get home from work.

When we put one of those in place, one should find that you’ve been forced to complete your essential job by the morning but rather one of pushing off it, when you’re efficient.

7. Set firm timelines for big projects.

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Major undertakings in our life are usually substantial and time-consuming. People are inclined to postpone and delay things more than possible because of this trait.

This is indeed a bad practice to have. You concentrate smartly on these jobs, just break them down into several smaller parts, more manageable chunks.

Then, one by one, concentrate on every component. Prioritize offering high-quality service above being flawless. This is a fantastic approach to working smarter rather than harder.

8. Rather than sending texts, make a call.

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People send loads of messages to the partners or the officials during their working hours. There are obligations, demands, and surveys on a variety of tasks. We must wait for one response after mailing them. This might be quick or utilize a very long time.

Calling our coworkers rather than writing is indeed one approach that makes more sense. We conserve time and boost our interaction skills as a result of this.

9. Walk while calling. 

walk, song listening, jogging

People work out in the morning which is very important for their health. But instead of working for long, they can work out for minimal time. They can walk while they are on a call. This will increase their physical activity and will save them time. 

10. Learn keyboard shortcuts and increase your typing speed. 

typing, speed, laptop, Working less-Working smartly in your precious Life

Technological Advancement is indeed an important component of your everyday life in the western age. People generally spend most of their time sitting in front of their laptops or PCs, typing.

Since you can make an online presence with little to a good amount of effort, it is necessary for us to learn using technological gadgets and expand our wealth through the internet.

Humans can know how they can so much efficiently. A few of these strategies are that you can attempt to utilize maximum fingers while typing. 

 Second, learn shortcut keys that can help us get a lot more effort done in such a brief period. For instance, you can easily save the document by pressing CTrL + S as well as changing its name by pressing F2. Such shortcuts reduce your time which helps you operate more efficiently.


These tips will help you to work less and work smartly in life. Following these tips will help you increase productivity by learning time management.

You can set your priorities, set goals, plan your day, and much more. This helps you to be focused. Mark the important tasks on your list.

If you want to know more about smart working formulas and not working hard like an average and unproductive person, then have a look at LIFEHACK's Article for working smarter but not harder.

The basic agenda behind working smarter is to focus on your priorities first and look at every aspect.


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