Make money, make muscles and Screw everything else

You are here in this world to live your life to the fullest potential.

Everything is important but the most important aspect of survival in this world is money – a medium for exchanging the value of any kind.

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Wealth and Health are 2 powerful combinations.

Money is seen in the world as the most powerful weapon to tackle any difficulty in one’s life.

It does make our lives easier and more accessible to anything we want or urge to have – which makes us happy.

Similarly, making muscles or in other sense having a fitness regime will make us look better, and feel better ( because of the release of dopamine.)

These aspects are interlinked to one another and if either one of them is absent in your life, the other one would be seen as useless to us.

 In this date paced world, people are forgetting the importance of health and its consequences.

They excuse the busy schedules they have and take physical health lightly.

But remember, if your health is bad, then all your hard-earned money and savings would be gone in the hospitals and medicines you won’t be able to manage Other aspects of life.

That is why these both are linked together.

Money and Health.

But why should we screw everything else?

It’s not that your only focus should be money and health, rather it should be primary ones.

If you earn and invest enough money in your 20s and 30s, then you can probably enjoy the rest of your life without even working, then your primary focus would be health and any activity which will make you happy and calm.

You can even travel the world, if you earn a lot of money early in your life, through these 2 pillars of success- Money and Physical Health.

Also, keep your mental health at ease and always active when achieving the financial aspect in your life because your mental fitness will determine the ways and ideas to make more money and be rich so that you can do other things in life without worrying.

Make your financial goals on a piece of paper now. Start with all the available resources you have and just start executing on your life goals.

There is no good to be achieved just through procrastinating and watching others on social media earning millions and living a life they always wanted to live. Make your life like that on your own.

If you want to live that kind of life, you have to work your ass off in your 20s to create a life you ever manifested and visioned.


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If you want to create a life full of enjoyment and wealth, then follow these steps

  1. Create a work-life balance so that you can execute on both aspects – Money and any kind of workout ( running, swimming, gymming, walking, jumping, etc.)
  2. Have a vision that I can achieve this goal in no time.
  3. Learn how to make money online through a website like ours or other websites to get insights to build successful online businesses.
  4. Limit your distractions for a certain period (6 months if you are very serious about your money and life goals ) and stick to it.
  5. Have faith in God as well as in your hard work to get you in a position of confidence and a rich mentality.
  6. Practice zen mode to increase the level of focus of your mind.
  7.  Do meditation sessions every day to declutter from Useless thoughts and bring new ideas to get you more peace and money in life.
  8. In recent times, due to uncertainty in the jobs in future and work life, try to make money from home as it will be beneficial for you in the long term (since everything now is done through your laptop and smartphone, so should be the work you will do for a living ).
  9. Learn to make money fast, since society respects and appreciate those who through their willpower and focus, build a business in less than the years it was supposed to be built. Be like Kanye west – Fearless on another level and became rich quickly through collaborations with Adidas and GAP. {Break the norms society tries to build upon you}
  10. Having faith in yourself when nobody else has will give you an immense boost in achieving your precious goals in life. Try to be the best in whichever field you jump into and become No. 1 at it. If you do this, money will chase you not you. Remember it.

Making money in this generation is not at all difficult, If you think so, you are into wrong thinking and education. 

People go to schools and colleges for degrees just to get a job and work for others.

But there are now tremendous jobs which you can do online as well as at home and sell it in stores while earning millions and without getting very pressure from other people and organisations.

Make money, make muscles and Screw everything else, women, girl, doja cat, reading, tea, slippers, pajamas, cartoon, personal finance

Make high standards for yourself and your loved ones and through your vision and mindset, your whole life of yours will be presented in abundance and you will be rich and healthy forever.

Go to the gym whenever you get time in the day, but commit to going daily. Whether you do 100 pushups or 20 pushups a day (5kg dumbbells or 30 kg), it doesn’t matter. What matters is your commitment to going to the gym and performing certain actions for some time.

This will create habit formation in your neurons and will make your schedule easy since the mind will remind you and push you to go to the gym and exercise, not your will.

A similar case is with money, read rich mentality people’s autobiography and get insights on how they are earning millions of dollars through smart work and building systems for their business.

And if you follow and regularly upgrade your mind and body while you are young, you can enjoy as well as secure your future while having a lot of fun in your 20’s and 30’s, trust me your life will go on a different curve and you can do whatever you wanted to do in your life early.

Screw everything which is taking you away from your goals for a while. And then watch your life taking with you where you want to be, you will be happy, joyful, rich, healthier than ever before and you will never regret the sacrifices you made for earning money and making muscles.

Because that sacrifices which you made earlier can be brought back either through money or relationship building, but the life you wanted to behave to be made by yourself through screwing useless things (such as watching Netflix, PlayStation, YouTube, social media, etc) and just concentrating for making more money and making more muscles (staying fit) until you reach your vision and beyond.

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