How to change any Habit and stick with good ones effortlessly

How to change any Habit and stick with good ones effortlessly

Well, according to the psychological research –

 It takes 21 days to completely change the habit of a person and takes another 90 days to effortlessly do it subconsciously.

It is not as hard as it seems for people to change habits quickly. 

While it is hard to digest but we have some habits that we think we should not have & ultimately change.

But sometimes it just cannot seem to break it from your subconscious mind (The master of all habits you do unconsciously)

You may not even wonder how much time and energy is wasted on Smartphones, gaming platforms, binge-watching, spending hours procrastinating, etc.

While these can be a good source to pass the time but these activities affect your mental health and habits.

Your habits cannot be changed if you are not willing to change. ◀︎

It’s as simple as that.

Bring a slight shift in your mindset and everything would fall back to place.

The act you do in the present will determine your future so choose your good habit (if you are willing) very consciously and smartly.

This will determine the course of your life and peace in your mind.

Most are indulged in activities that harm them recklessly.

They do not have any way to get out of those habits.

Perhaps, “TIME” is the main aspect to renew any habit and apply new ones in their own life.

So, by not wasting your time – 

Here are the points that will make a change in your lifestyle and a way to perceive the change in habits effortlessly.

1. Attach a reward with every act of change in a habit.

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Our brain works at its best when there is an outcome attached with a “reward”.

Whenever you create a slight change in a habit, there is work involved to make that shift. 

But when it is done and you reward your brain for doing it – your brain releases “Dopamine” (a feel-good hormone).

This small act is 20X more effective than an ordinary sudden change in a habit.

Once you are used to it, your brain will urge you to change the habit because it will get a dopamine release to feel good (when you get the reward). 

Also, you will be happy for making a change and getting a reward out of it.

Here is an example to get the point more clear – 

If you are not exercising daily and want to change it. Just make a rule for your mind to work out daily and after the workout is finished, you will be rewarded to drink a chocolate milkshake.

Now every time you workout, your intention and urge will be to finish the workout effectively and drink that tasty chocolate shake after the workout session.

Your mind will be “indispensable” to do the task and new habits will be formed.

This is a very simple & effective technique to stable and makes a change in your habit without much effort.

2. Routine is the currency of a habit.

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Your routine is the regime in your brain.

It is simply the precise manifestation of your current habit. 

Both are linked to one another.

Whenever you do any work without your extra effort (Subconsciously), then it is known as a routine.

How you can break a bad routine and start a new one?

Habits aren’t formed overnight, they are the result of a routine since your childhood or even your birth. 

So, to change the routine, break certain “neural patterns” and this will only be achieved through time (patience precisely).

You can change the words and meaning to make it believe to change habits quickly. It can be sometimes achieved by a minor audience.

But “TIME & PATIENCE” ◉ are the main factors which will break your routine and create a new one for your peaceful living.

3. Don’t run away from Old habits – Bring variation.

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If you bring a slight change in your old habit, a new habit will form. For example – If you are sleeping let say at 1 am daily. Then instead of completely changing sleep time from 1 am to 10 pm, Give your brain a schedule for sleeping at midnight a week.

Then when you are used to it, make it to 11 pm and ultimately 10 pm.

You don’t have to completely rearrange the habit patterns as it would be difficult for you to change. 

This step applies to every part of your life and habit.

Instead of bringing a complete shift in your life, make variations and everything will fall back to the place for your good without your knowing.

4. You have to be specific in choosing the right habit.

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Most people tend to seek the right habits but are not 100% sure about changing that habit.

Before deciding on choosing a repetitive activity to make it a subconscious habit, analyze and be pretty sure to work on it.

It is the same as people who go playing football but come back without playing it.

You have to decide to go out and play football instead of watching and standing on the ground.

For creating a different change, you need a different approach to make it into your subconscious.

Just repeat the tasks until it’s done (whether it may be joyful or not). 

If you have to do it 4 times or 10 times, it doesn’t matter until the result comes.

You lose until it’s done – keep that mindset in your head and nail it without any delay or procrastination.

Frankly speaking, only you can handle your shit and if you are not willing to change, no one can change you.

5. Remove the Trigger mindset to change a habit.

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It is not easy when a person wants to smoke but he can’t because he wants to stop it.

Trigger precisely resembles addiction in the mind. 

Nowadays students are playing games for 6-10 hours daily. It is a fact hard to believe but it’s happening in this time of smart devices.

So how can to overcome addiction and change a habit?

For resisting the old habits you need to change your environment as soon as possible.

If you smoke and drink, try to not go to the bar. 

You eat a lot of sugar and cookies, then moderate it and bring less sugar to your house.

If you are addicted to playing games (play station & mobile games) or any stuff, remove your consciousness from that thing and focus on other things that will frequently change your habits effortlessly. 

It is even easy to make and control money than removing an addiction that has the power totally destruct your life if you let it.

The craving will lead to own destruction- Remember ◀︎

In simple words, avoid the things which stop you change your habits and remove them from your eyesight.

Hide them in such a way so that you can never see it until you reach your goal to change to a new habit formation.

Nothing so need reforming than as other people’s habit.

Mark twain

6. Write down the plan for changing habits.

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Writing has been one of the most profound – easy to grasp and remember activities in ancient history. Retaining and writing down the stuff are linked to one another and will be there in present last for the ages.

Writing down a plan to change a habit is the simplest and best method to implement a new habit.

There is a simple loop in the habit formation that is –

  • Plan – Routine – Reward ◀︎

It is an evergreen method for making changes in a habit. Write down on a piece of paper and work with it accordingly.

You just have to do the new thing multiple times. Enough so that the thing is done in automatic and this will bring a formation in a new habit.

▶︎ Final Notation -:

Be habitual to create good habits and challenge yourself for a time being to change your life and personality forever.

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