Age 30 – Gain Financial Freedom and be happy in life!


Am I worthy enough to have financial freedom at an early age and be happy?

I am pretty sure these type of questions arises in every mind of a human being.

I know most of us are confident enough to be a millionaire and we all may achieve this goal even in our late-20s.

But we should be prepared for all the efforts and risk-taking ability involved in becoming a millionaire.

There is also a lot of luck involved and the above two things to be financially free and reach a million dollars.

As you are aware of the covid-19 pandemic situation, the inflation rate has increased rapidly due to which financial freedom and happiness are somewhat far from what we expect.

For having financial freedom before age 30, you have to accumulate around  $5 million instead of $1 million – Thanks to the Covid-19 situation as well as inflation rising all over the world.

You have to own some kind of assets that can bring value in the future for you and your loved ones.

For Example – Businesses, stocks, shares, holdings in a company, Real estate, Gold, etc.

Financial freedom and happiness are two essential aspects of a fulfilling life.

At age 30, many people are just beginning to establish their careers and finances, but it’s never too early to start thinking about how to achieve financial freedom and happiness.

In this article, we’ll discuss some strategies that can help you reach your financial goals and find happiness in your life.


I want to provide you with maximum knowledge in minimum words and time. So, here are the exact procedures that you can follow { if you genuinely want to be a millionaire } to gain independence from money-making and focus on the things you love the most.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand what financial freedom means. Financial freedom refers to the ability to make choices about how you live your life without being limited by financial constraints.

It means having enough money to cover your expenses and pursue your passions without constantly worrying about making ends meet.

Achieving financial freedom requires discipline, planning, and a long-term perspective.

it’s important to focus on building your career and earning potential. This might mean investing in your education, pursuing additional training or certifications, or seeking out opportunities for career advancement.

The more you can increase your earning potential, the more quickly you’ll be able to achieve financial freedom.

Another key to financial freedom and happiness is to cultivate a positive mindset. This means focusing on the things you’re grateful for and finding joy in the present moment.

It also means setting realistic goals and celebrating your progress along the way.

By focusing on the positive, you’ll be better able to navigate the ups and downs of life and stay motivated as you work towards your goals.


financial freedom and vacation


But first, I want to highlight the words of the modern-day philosopher – As Naval Ravikant says –

Seek wealth, not money or status. Wealth is having assets that earn while you sleep. Money is how we transfer time and wealth. Status is your place in the social hierarchy.


1. Upbringing


childhood, Age 30 - Gain Financial Freedom and be happy in life!


Childhood upbringing and the environment play a major role in the mindset of the individual.

When we are in college, we all are engaged in worthless activities which lead us nowhere in the future. Rather take the college time a little seriously because, after college, real-life starts, and then you will be confused about where I should start my career to gain financial freedom.

So, start a little early than others, that’s the only highly effective key to being free before the age of 30.

Learn from several self-help books and audiobooks.

This era is fond of visual consumption i.e video {youtube}. So, start through learning concepts from youtube and then come to text reading.

Since text reading is one of the oldest forms of reading and it also heavily stimulates the mind more than videos, learning from books will be highly beneficial in the process of the financial freedom journey.

The upbringing process is not only in childhood but is rather a lifetime process of evolving. hence, it’s never too late to start upbringing yourself and ultimately your life. Understanding financial freedom and happiness may be hard at the beginning. But as you move forward in life, you will notice differences and more clear vision of what they are.


2. Do not be Dependent


bird flying, financially free, happy


If you want to achieve something higher than others, then please do not try to copy and let their opinions define you!

After a certain age, you have to depend on your own. you cannot eat from your parent’s money for a lifetime.

You know that one day you have to stand on your own and I know pretty well that the person who wants to be a millionaire {i mean you}, by themselves don’t want to be dependent on others.

Hence, make your living and also do not others dependent on you! Create financial freedom for your own sake and peace of your mind.

The hardest walk is walking alone, but it’s also the walk that makes.s you strongest.


3. Mindset


knowledge and brain , financial freedom


To gain a strong money mindset, you must be prepared to be able to tackle all the hurdles in your way.

The hurdles may be your parents letting you stop from whatever you are doing, your friends who will be eagerly waiting for pulling you down, learning something via different means, etc,

First, you need to know that the money is flowing everywhere and is waiting for anyone to take it. You only have to believe that you also deserve to earn that money. Do every work with a positive mindset and everything will take place on its own.

For becoming a millionaire you have to sum up at least $5 million rather than $1 million due to the inflation rate all over the world and also to secure your future.

But due to many opportunities opening up in the past decade, becoming a millionaire is way easier than before.

If you are not able to become a millionaire by age 30, even then you can eventually reach your goal in a few more years.



4. All to Gain


growing money, Age 30 - Gain Financial Freedom and be happy in life!


Failure is success if we learn from it.

There is all to gain and nothing to lose while you are young!

We take unlimited risks intending to be rich someday since we all want to live a happy life but only a few make it happen.

With education (graduation, school, or self-learning), you must have some other goals as well to create a side hustle (if possible passive income).

Take risks! Try to create an empire in the online world as the online world and social following will provide maximum leverage to you to sell products online and engage with the potential audience.

Believe me, regret will kill you when you get old if you do not start or do stuff that you like or didn’t take risks to evolve! Have patience and if you dont have it, learn to attain gain financial freedom. 

So start now, do some shitty stuff, learn from it, reassess it, redo it, and if you get success in that thing and you love doing it, then please do not try to change it!


5. Be Aggressive


boxing, before age 30


Have an aggressive approach toward your goals but I would not recommend being aggressive in your life. (since many people will get ready to fight with you, 😂).

As the below statement states-

Do the work very seriously when you are doing it and when you are free for other things, then don’t let your work disturb your mental peace.

To gain financial freedom and happiness, you have to work at least 60-70 hours/week because as a student or young adult, you have enough time to focus on the main aspect (i.e money) and everything else rests in place for you when you cross the age of 30.

Have a mamba mindset (mindset like Kobe Bryant’s) and you will never regret your work or productivity. I promise!


6. Be a Ghost for a while


ghost, scary


To be among the top 1% elite group of rich people or be extraordinary in any task, you have to get disconnected for a while. then reconnect with lots of knowledge and skills required to make it worthwhile.

This is a fact and you can see tons of examples of this category of people and what they are doing in their daily life.

Many billionaires of this era have started their journey small with themselves locked for a while and came with a banger to wander the world.

After these people become successful in their field, people are shocked at how they did this thing. But the fact is they did the exact thing which I am telling you now.

And if you are very social then I suggest trying to keep your main hustle as secret as possible from others.

When you become confident enough to showcase the world for the thing you were trying, then automatically the secret will be revealed to all the people and they will wonder how this man did such a big thing.

The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.

  - Albert Einstein


7. Have no Excuses


what, Age 30 - Gain Financial Freedom and be happy in life!


People have different excuses for different circumstances. they forget that the excuses make them apart from themselves.

One step closer to success is to stop giving excuses.

It only provides a little dopamine in your brain for not doing the work and being free. but if you overcome that situation and start focusing on the urgency of doing the stuff, you will likely to get succeed.

Stop spending your precious time excusing the world isn’t a fair place, rather focus on how you can improve your lifestyle and circumstances through smart work (as well as hard work).

It all starts with a thought and ends with a thought (Excuse).

Brainstorm your mind so that there would be no space for excuses to live in it!


8. Automate your investments and savings




Having your own life secure should be the primary goal of your financial planning.

Buy insurance which is suitable for you for a comfortable living. (Term life insurance, car insurance, medical insurance, retirement benefits insurance, etc).

These investments provide you with maximum benefits in an emergency.

Your savings and investments should be ideally deducted automatically as soon as you get your monthly paycheck to reduce temptations to expenses for the wants.

The important aspect of automation of the investment is retirement planning and enjoying the full potential of these benefits.

Try to start the investments as early as possible in your life and then automate them for the sake of the financial freedom you are planning.


9. Do not rely on material things, gain experiences


ENJOY, Age 30 - Gain Financial Freedom and be happy in life!


Enjoy the Process & have faith in the universe.

You know life is short and no person wants to live with bags full of money and no enjoyment.

Along with the journey of your financial freedom, go out for adventures and enjoy for a  while for establishing happiness in your life.

This will refresh you for the upcoming work and provide dopamine to your brain.

The experiences you will gain will be long-term happiness. Money can be made anytime but once the age is passed for that enjoyment, no money can buy you that kind of happiness.

Create an amazing life full of happy moments that can be as little as inviting friends to your house, doing small parties, taking breaks, and going to new places, trips, etc.

If you gain financial freedom at age 30 just by working and stimulating your brain without any enjoyment, then you pass your prime age to enjoy experiences.

You will soon realize that only accumulating money and not enjoying moments make you dead than alive.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and money works just as the fuel through which you can enjoy and be happy in every moment of your life.


10. Dont’ pretend to be Rich, rather act broke


pig with hammer, money bank, Age 30 - Gain Financial Freedom and be happy in life!


Less spending means less desire.

Make stealth wealth and try to be as simple and realistic as possible in real life.

Money is a way to give you a comfortable lifestyle not just to brag and show off expensive brands to bring you peace.

But if you enjoy purchasing expensive materialistic stuff, then do it because it makes you happy not trying to show off.

Most millionaires ( around 70%) are very grounded.

Even if you meet them in person you would not be able to tell their net worth. But once get to their house, you can guess their status.

Rich people believe in keeping their ace of spades secret. They only reveal their incomes through the level of their spending powers.

Apply the same strategies so that you can live in peace and ultimately be happy.

Work on that X-Factor and keep it in your personal space. That’s it.


11. Health is equally important as Wealth


fit and running, happy in life!


You cannot have the enjoyment of your full potential if you do not possess good health.

Earn money like a Shark hunting fish but try not to neglect health in the long process.

Health will provide you with confidence and freedom from the dark aspect of diseases.

What you have to do is to take regular checkups and frequently visit a doctor for keeping your health perfect.

Regular exercise for at least 25-30 minutes will reduce heart disease and make your mood happier so that you can apply it to your work performance.

Obesity and diseases make your premium insurance in use and will make your expenses rather than making you financially free.

Hence, keep an eye on your fitness routine and make several lifestyle changes to keep you healthy in the long term.


The Final Note.


happy teddy, Age 30 - Gain Financial Freedom and be happy in life!

Whether you become financially free before 30 or after 30, the desire to become rich and live with freedom will begin on the day when you are ready for sacrificing other small desires.

Most importantly take control of the procrastination and comfort zone first and then focus on the patterns you follow in your day and take control of it.

Do not stop until you become free from all the money-related stuff.

I wish you live with peace and bliss.    🖤

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